Vignette is the Rowlett, Texas Photography Club Magazine.  Feel free to download it and share it with your friends.

Vignette Issue 6 - published on 4/5/15 featured cover photo by Sara Wilmes Del Regno.   It also featured  the photographic work of Christa Lydon Barlow titled "Eastern State Penitentiary" and a wildlife series by Jim Katzenberger.  Issue 6 also covered the Temple Photo Walk by the club.

Vignette Issue 5 - published 2/21/15 featured cover photo by Tony Morrison and guest feature by Kevin McCollister.  Also featuring Samuel Cobb's Photo walk.

Vignette Issue 4 with Issue 4, released on 2/14/15 we moved to the magazine format.  Cover photo by Ron McCarty, and features by Fay Stout and Dick Brown.

Vignette Issue 3 - released on 2/7/15.  Issue 3 featured Sara Wilmes Del Rego.  

Vignette Issue 2 - Issue 2 was published on 1/31/15.  We featured Brittany Ebany and Desiree Poor.

Vignette Issue 1 - Our first issue was released on 1/15/15.  Our feature article is by Katie Patterson.