Our Photographers

The Rowlett, Texas Photography Club has 500+ members, with 70+ very active members.  This web site show cases some of their work.  This page points you to locations to see more of the work of those that have submitted their work to this web site.

Ron McCarty

Ronald McCarty has lived in Rowlett, Texas since 1999.  Ron has been with the club since the beginning and is its founder.  

Ron enjoys wedding, concert, and landscape photography.  His portfolio can be seen at his website.  Ron has  recently added photography to his publications.

Ron can also be followed on twitter  and at his Facebook page.


Fay Stout

Fay Stout is a resident Rowlett, Texas.  Fay has lived in Rowlett since 1988 and joined the club in February 2015.  

Fay enjoys nature, food, and travel photography.  Fay is also a fan of photographing complete strangers. Fay's portfolio can be seen at the Inquisitive Eye.  Fay' also blogs at her Pixels and Prose and she has also published several books.  The books can be found at Books on Blurb.  

Additionally Fay can be found on Flickr, pbase, and Capture Dallas.    


Frank Richard Brown

Frank is a freelance photojournalist from Rowlett, Texas.  He has been a member of the club since January 2015.
Frank enjoys old film cameras, good guitars, and good friends.


David Chewning

David is a photographer from Waco, Texas. He has been a member of the group since November, 2014. David enjoys all types of photography and generally categorizes them in the groups: Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Plants, and Portraits. David’s portfolio and blog are at his web page.  


Rick Parent

Rick is a city boy that lives in Commerce with His Animals. He’s been shooting for about 40 years and loves all kinds of photography.  Wild life, stars and sunset photos are pretty easy in this “Ranch” Setting. House pets are a “Perma Kitten”: Scat, Border Collie:  Harri and a Wolf Named Hunter.  .


Michelle Fichthorn

Michelle is a photographer from Rowlett, Texas.  She has been a member of the club since February 2015.  Michelle loves pet and animal photography, but also enjoys sunsets, sunrises, landscape, and nature photography.  She also enjoys food photography.  


Kelly Rushing-Lawrence

Kelly is a landscap, nature, and architectural detail photographer.  Kelly lives in Rowlett, Texas and has been a member of the photography club since February 2015..


Tony Morrison

Tony lives in Garland, Texas and has been an active photographer since 1966.  His main interests are infrared, landscapes, and cityscapes.  Tony does an occasional wedding and engagement photo session when asked.  Tony was recently introduced to live music photography through a club event and finds that very interesting.

Tony's portfolio is available here.

Tony is a Rowlett Texas Photography Club Photo Walk Coordinator. Tony's walks are typically on the 3rd Saturday of the Month.  


Nikki Work

Nikki moved to Texas  from Wisconcisin in 2004, and then moved to Rowlett in 2006.  She has been a member of the Rowlett, Texas Photography Club since April, 2015.  Nikki enjoys all types of photography:  wildlife, concert, landscape, artistic nudes, and street photography.  

You can see some of Nikki's work on:


and on Instagram:  https://instagram.com/nikkiwork/




Carolyn Newstrom

Carolyn is a travel, landscape, and nature photographer. She lives in Garland, Texas and has been a member of the photography club since early 2016.

Carolyn’s portfolio is available http://carolynnewstrom.com

Additionally you can follow Carolyn on

Twitter @luvenrn

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/luvenrn/

And on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CarolynNewstromPhotography/

Carolyn is a Rowlett Texas Photography Club Photo Walk Coordinator.  Carolyn is also a Rowlett Texas Photography Club Facebook Group Administrator.  Carolyn focuses on walks during the day for members that cannot participate in evening and weekend walks.  


Tommy Hadden

Tommy is a newish photographer, having caught the bug a little over a year ago.  Still trying to find his niche, Tommy enjoys photographing urban scenes, people, both posed and candid, still life, and is developing a passion for event photography.  

See Tommy’s work on his website www.hadden.photo and his Facebook page, Tommy Hadden Photography.  

Tommy is a Rowlett Texas Photography Club Photo Walk Coordinator.  Tommy's "Third Monday Photowalk" typically focuses on urban and street subjects in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.  


Terri Barnett

Terri Barnett lived in Rowlett for 10 years before moving to a farm in Collin County in 1988.  Terri joined the club in the summer of 2015.  

Terri’s photography reflects her love of nature and the quiet solitude of early mornings in remote locations. 

She specializes in wildlife but enjoys all types of nature and landscape photography. 

Terri is the club's lead administrator of our Facebook Group.  

Terri’s portfolio can be viewed at TerriBarnett.smugmug.com.



Robbert van Bloemendaal

Robbert joined the club in the summer of 2015.  Robbert is a very active member of the Rowlett, Texas community and holds a seat on the Rowlett City Council. 

As a travel agent Robbert loved taking photos of his travels around the world. To share these photographs with his clients, Robbert also produced videos to share with them.  

Robbert produces videos for others ranging from special family occasions, special memories and people and businesses.  

Robbert is also the Club's Video Producer.  

You can see Robbert's portfolio at  https://www.flickr.com/photos/rvbdallas/

You can also enjoy his video productions at:  https://www.youtube.com/user/travelmovies



Rajesh Jyothiswaran ("joe this warren") 

Rajesh is an accidental photographer which came out of his primary hobby, gardening. In February of 2014 he started using a Nikon D7000 which spontaneously ignited the new passion for photography. He currently shoots with a Sony A7RII as well as the D7000.  When Rajesh is not busy shooting Nature, Landscape and Astrophotography pictures, he is trying to come up with excuses to explain to his wife, his ever growing vintage lens collection.

Rajesh joined the club in the summer of 2015.

Rajesh is an administrator of our Facebook Group.

Rajesh's work can be seen on:

500px:  https://500px.com/rajeshjyothiswaran

Flickr:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/129164170@N06

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheLadyBugFarm/