This page is for members of the Rowlett, Texas Photography Club.  Bookmark this page, and check it from time to time on our forums and where to find content created by the club.

Main Facebook Page - the main Facebook page is where we interact with each other.  It contains our events calendar, our theme contests and activities, and daily activities of club members.

Events Calendar - this is where we post all of our events.  Our monthly meeting, as well as our ongoing photo walks and online sessions are shown here.  If an event is marked "Photo Op", then the event isn't a structured event, but rather a community or other event that might be of interest to some photographers.

Facebook Albums - For those that participate in photowalks we collect up 3-5 from each photographer to make a video, and post them to an album.  We also do our online group challenges as albums, so go here to find and post to the challenges.

Critique Group - this is an exclusive to the club Critique Group.  We have strict but friendly guidelines to join.  If you want to critique others in a structured fashion or have your photographs critiqued, ask to join this group.

Lightroom Group - this is an exclusive to the club Lightroom Group.  If you want to discuss editing and post processing with LightRoom, ask to join this group [Closed Currently].

4 Sale or Swap Group - want to sell or trade some of your used equipment?  This is the place to do it!

Meetup Group - this is our site for attracting new members.  We also announce our monthly meetings here.  If you're not a member, we encourage everyone to join it!

And finally, here's our web site.